Why We Love Horseback Riding at Barnsley Gardens

By now, you’ve seen some of our posts about our love for trying new things and exploring new places. Barnsley Gardens continues to top our list for one of our favorite closeby places to visit. In case you missed our first post about Barnsley and how much we love it here, check out our post from earlier in the spring here.ย Last Christmas, my parents gave a horseback riding trail ride to Grant and I along with my sister and brother-in-law. After a crazy first half of the year and a hot summer, we finally booked our trail ride at Barnsley Gardens this past weekend.

My sister, Morgan, and I grew up riding English and have been comfortable around horses for most of our lives, with our horses even living at home for part of our time growing up. Grant has always helped out with the horses, whether it was hauling hay from Mr. Gantt’s feed store down the street or going to visit Dakota with me and bring his favorite treats. We went on our first ride together last fall at Brasstown Valley Resort, so he was excited for this ride at Barnsley. Morgan’s husband, Stephen, had never ridden a horse, so we had quite a range of experience and comfort levels with horses going into the day’s trail ride.

Here are our top 5 things we loved about our experience at Barnsley:

  1. Amazing horses – Barnsley truly has the most incredible horses! Such sweet dispositions and manners make the trail ride enjoyable for any rider – regardless of past experience. They also have some great names. Grant’s personal favorite was his horse, Mr. Deeds. I think he might have tried to take him home with us if we lived closer (and actually had grass in the backyard)!
  2. Fantastic staff – Growing up riding, I was always taught that for every hour you spent riding, you spent two taking care of your horse. It was a special treat to have the amazing Barnsley trail guides that saddled our horses and had everything ready to go for us. The trail guides were so personable and informative during our ride, and they had a story about each of the horses. It made it feel like it truly was a little family and community, rather than just a job and a paycheck.
  3. Trail route – Barnsley offers several different trail ride options that include a one hour ride, a 90 minute ride, and a history ride. Their trail rides are an awesome way to see the property before exploring on your own. With the trail heavily wooded, it was a nice reprieve from the hot sun even this early in the morning! About halfway through the ride, we also rode past some of the immaculate holes of their Jim Fazio golf course. The end of the ride concluded with a ride down the lawn, starting at the Woodlands Grill back past the ruins.
  4. Other animals by the stables – So if you didn’t know already, we are huge animal lovers. And one of us in particular (Grant) absolutely loves pigs! On our last visit to Barnsley, we discovered their new porky buddies, so we were excited to visit them again. We also saw goats, llamas, miniature horses, and chickens. They are all super friendly and makes us want our own little herd of farm animals!
  5. Getting to make a day trip – With Barnsley less than 60 miles away, it’s the perfect day trip that makes you feel like you’ve left the real world behind. We only wish we had more time to explore and enjoy! We had a great lunch at the Woodlands Grill, but still have yet to spend the night at the new Inn. With cooler weather ahead, we just might have to plan a weekend trip back to take advantage of their cabins and fireplaces and s’mores in the evening!

Looking for a fall escape? We highly recommend Barnsley Gardens and be sure to stop by the stables to visit some of our favorite friends! Be sure to follow along for more fall adventures on our Instagram www.instagram.com/thelocalbells

Barnsley Gardens Adventure

Well, we took our own advice for a great springtime date! This past Saturday was the perfect spring day, so we decided to take a drive up to Adairsville to visit Barnsley Gardens and enjoy the beautiful weather! From Alpharetta, it’s about an hour and twenty minute drive, so we were ready for lunch when arrived at the Woodlands Grill. The menu changes seasonally, so you always feel like you are getting the freshest choices. After lunch, we took time relax and enjoy the beautiful day before exploring more.

Although it’s not far from home, the Barnsley Resort transports you to a place far away. Once home to a gorgeous Southern estate, the resort still pays homage to its history with the focal point being on the ruins of Godfrey Barnsley’s Manor House and antebellum Rice House. The resort is comprised of quaint, colorful cabins that remind you of a tiny European village and line the main pathway between the golf course up to the ruins of the Manor House.

We hadn’t visited the resort in a few years, and they have added some many amazing new features. The newest additions include the 55 room Inn and the Georgian Hall event center. With horseback riding, a gorgeous spa, Jim Fazio golf course, and a sporting club, there really is something for everyone! And on top of the newest architectural additions, they’ve also added some new animals as well!

The highlight of the trip for Grant was getting to meet the pigs (and horses and goats) of Barnsley. Grant’s dream is for us to one day have our own pet pig…I think we’ll start with a dog before anything else!

Feeling like taking an escape from the city? Check out Barnsley’s website to book your next trip. We know we’ll be back soon – next time for some horseback riding!

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