Gate City Brewing Company

Hey everyone – Grant again! Today I’m excited to tell you about one of my favorites things ever: BEER! This is my review of Gate City Brewing Company. This is a small brewery located in historic downtown Roswell, GA. This is actually Roswell’s first brewery in 2015 when they first opened their doors. Everyone knows that craft beers are very popular right now, from IPAs to Amber Ales, all the way to Stouts and Porters. Gate City Brewing has a style of beer for every type of beer drinker. Now, there are many aspects that people look for when going to a brewery. They are: beer, atmosphere, crew and community.

The beer. The single most important part of a brewery is and will always be the beer. Now, Gate City started with their Cooperhead Amber and 1864 IPA. These are the staples of Gate City along with OTP IPA and Terminus Porter, which are all available for purchase at your local grocery store (hopefully,). A bill was passed recently in Georgia that allows small craft breweries to not only produce the beer, but also sell their own beer. In the past, you would attend a brewery and only be allowed to purchase a “tour,” which usually included a glass, 6 beer samples, and a tour of the brewery. Thankfully, Georgia legislation passed a new law so that these craft breweries could also sell pints of beer to customers along with a already canned beer. You can request a 32oz fresh canned beer or whatever your favorite is on tap. I am personally an IPA fan. I love the hoppy taste they have with that bitter finish. My usual go-to at Gate City is the OTP. This is a great IPA with a great hoppy flavor but also not over bearing to where you are dying for a palette cleanser. Terminus would have to be my second favorite. This is an awesome Porter with a greater coffee finish on it. Both of these beers are canned and available for purchase at your local grocery store (well, that is if you’re in Georgia). The newest brew they have at the Tap Room is Black Magic. This is like if the OTP and Terminus had a baby. This is a dark IPA which is very new to me. I definitely had to get a little taste before committing to a full pint. This might be my new favorite beer. It had a very nice IPA flavor to it, but still had the body of a dark beer without being so heavy, I highly recommend coming it the tap room and giving it a try!

Now to talk about the crew and the atmosphere. Gate City Brewing is above the rest when it comes to this. They have a great feel with their new larger tap room (opened up in 2017). There are plenty of large tvs, a large bar, lots of picnic tables along with a more luxurious couch area. Tons of games are spread out across the seating area like large Jenga and UNO. We came to Gate City to watch the AFC Divisional Playoff game and it was perfect. They usually have a food truck come in during the week and all day on Friday and Saturday. If you don’t like what they are serving up, there are tons of restaurants in Downtown Historic Roswell that you can order from and bring into the brewery or use the UberEats app to make it even easier. The staff at Gate City is also awesome. If you don’t know exactly what you want, just let them know your usual type of brew and they can recommend something for you! A few friends and I sat at the bar for a whole NFL game, and not only were the bar enders very conversational but they also paid attention to the other customers and made great recommendations.

Now we talked about the beer, the crew and the atmosphere, but the most underrated thing is the community. All of the Gate City staple beerspay homage with their logo. Their 1864 is named after the Battle of Atlanta during the Civil War in September of 1864. Terminus is named after the railroad that was built through Georgia that linked Savannah to the Chattanooga River and the Mid-West in 1836. If you’re from Atlanta, you know what OTP stand for (Outside The Perimeter). All in all, Gate City embraces the history of Atlanta and embeds it into its culture through and through.

To sum up everything, Gate City Brewing is an awesome to place to hangout, watch a football game, spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, meet up with friends on a Saturday, or just enjoy some great craft beer. We highly recommend visiting Gate City Brewing and hope to see you there!

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