Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails

Celebrating the end of the first week of the new year at Milton’s Cuisine & Cocktails! Located in North Fulton County in downtown Crabapple, this 150+ year old farmhouse has some of the most incredible Southern cuisine and innovative drinks! We managed to snag a prime-time reservation on OpenTable. TLB Tip: Every time you book and dine through OpenTable, you earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards at for future meals at OpenTable restaurants.ย 

We couldn’t help snap a few photos of our delicious meal:

The Spiced Swine Old Fashioned and Broadwell Manhattan were the perfect start to a delicious meal! We highly recommend the sweet potato shrimp fritters for an appetizer (only two are pictured since we couldn’t resist digging in before snapping a picture!), and the applewood pork chop and blackened salmon for the main course were prepared perfectly! The cozy farmhouse atmosphere, live music, and roaring fireplaces in each of the dining rooms truly made it the perfect Friday date night.

Take a look at the seasonal menus on their website:

We also found out that Milton’s is under the management of Southern Proper Hospitality – the same group that manages The Big Ketch, Smoke Belly BBQ, Beni’s Cubano, Gypsy Kitchen, Southern Gentleman, and The Blind Pig. Looks like we have quite a few more restaurants to visit!

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