2018 Goals

2017 will be a hard year to top for us after so many exciting life events and adventures together! Moving into 2018, we are so excited for what lies ahead. As a couple, we put together a few goals that go back to what is most important to us: spending time with each other and working towards creating a happy and healthy life together.

  1. Exercise at least 30 minutes 3x per week. A happy couple is a healthy couple!
  2. Cook dinner at home at least 4 nights per week. Think of how much we will save by not eating out!
  3. Save enough money for a house down payment by October. Our current lease ends in November, so we are working hard to hopefully becoming homeowners by the end of the year.
  4. Max out our 401K accounts. You don’t miss the money if you don’t see it, so setting up automatic transfers will help us remain accountable.
  5. Pay off student loans and car loan to less than $10,000 by the end of the year. 4 years ago, total debt equaled nearly $70,000.
  6. Use every vacation day and completely disconnect from work. Take some time to relax and recharge and enjoy being in the moment!
  7. Plan a 1st anniversary trip together in November! Where will we go? Stay tuned!

Cheers to an incredible 2018 ahead! If you’re in the mood for some bubbly and want to support a great cause, check out our new favorite brut from ONEHOPE wines. A portion of every sale goes his different amazing charity (this one funds meals to end hunger).

Are any of these your goals too?

How do you stay motivated and energized to accomplish them as the year goes on?

Any suggestions for us – especially vacation locations?

3 thoughts on “2018 Goals

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